Packing/ Unpacking Chicago

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Packing unpacking services in Chicago:

Packing is one of the most important steps in both domestic and commercial removals, and it should be carried out with extreme care and in a professional way. Therefore we are offering professional packing service to our clients, and our team is well skilled and highly qualified for that.

We offer you freedom of choice; it is up to you to do it on your own or let us manage it for you. Either way, we will provide you with a variety of specialized packaging in case you decide to do it on your own.

Our service also includes assembly and disassembly of your items, and to get this service you have to mention the said service during quotation. Whether it is your bed, chair, cupboard, or any other items our team will professionally do this job.

Usually, we do offer our packing services, one day before the day of removals. In case of big removals, we may arrange packing sooner and for the smaller moving, we do packing on the same day.

If you prefer to do the packing on your own, then we have a variety of packings available to purchase. In case, when you quote your move with J and G moving company, then our removal company in Chicago will provide any type of packing materials to you free of cost before the removals day.

Common problems that should be avoided:

Not having enough packing materials:

This problem will arise when you are unable to estimate the total quantity of items that you are relocating which results in the form of not having enough packaging materials to perform packing properly. You can overcome this problem by getting proper guidance from the consultant of the best removal company about the total estimation of the removals.

Special Wrapping Material Requirement:

Numerous items cannot be fit in packing, so they should be handled with extreme care and in a professional way. This problem can be overcome by providing a detailed inventory of these items to the removals company in Chicago, so proper care can be provided to these items by the best packers.

Do j and g moving have any specialized packing’s for fragile items?

Yes of course! We always take care of our client’s wants and needs; therefore j and g moving have a wide range of packings that are perfectly designed for different types of items. We have specially designed packings for fragile items.  That will give protection to fragile items such as glassware, mirrors, pictures, and ornaments. These items should be packed with extreme care so our team is well equipped and highly skilled to get this job done.

Is there any packing arrangement for large and heavy items?

Yes of course we have special arrangements for heavy items such as furniture. We do packing of these sorts of items by covering it with specialized boards and also our movers are covered with a soft blanket that will protect them from getting damaged.

Packaging advice for our clients:

Here are some precautions that should be considered while packaging:

Make an inventory:

 Make a complete inventory of all the items, and tell about the items that need extra care and protection to avoid any loss or damage.

Get the packaging materials in spare:

Sometimes we underestimate the number of items and demand for the small number of packaging, consequently, we cannot pack them properly. To avoid any bad results you should demand packing materials in excess.






J&G Moving are a team of professionals that are providing exceptional moving services in Chicago, IL. We are committed to making the stressful time of moving an enjoyable moment. Whatever our customers demand from us related to moving, we will offer them without delay. We can move anything from a single piece to a whole house.

Our premier services and ultimate professionalism have helped us make the list of top moving companies in Chicago, IL. We proudly claim that no one can beat us in price and the quality service we have been offering to the people of Chicago for several years.



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